Evan Almighty

{sidebar id=1}{mosimage}Hilary and I took the kids to see Evan Almighty the other day. What a fantastic film it is! Apart from anything else it was a great family entertainment film, enjoyable by both adults and kids alike. All the animals and visual gags make sure the youngest ones are kept happy throughout (although the music was a bit loud for our youngest occassionally), and the story and action kept the older ones and the parents happy.

The story is about a newsreader, Evan Baxter (who was briefly in the previous film Bruce Almighty alongside the main character played by Jim Carey), who becomes a senator and takes his family off to a new rich and high powered life. But Evan is too busy for his family, until God answers his prayers to help him change the world and calls on Evan to build an Ark!

What follows is a hilarious tale of Evan Baxter turning into Noah, complete with uncontrollable beard and hair growth, gigantic boat building, herds of animals following him through the town, into work, everywhere he goes.

I won't give the game away with how the story unfolds, but it is a brilliant film from beginning to end.

There's some wonderful touches and messages about God though. My favourite bit is where God (played by Morgan Freeman again) just cracks up laughing when Evan tells God he can't build the Ark for him as he has plans. "Plans!" laughs God, "Your plans?!" he cracks up. It's really funny watching God rolling around laughing like that, but proves the point that we think we've got life all sewn up without God and then life chucks us a curve ball which we could never have seen.