Abortion and me

Singer, Karla Bolanos, shares how having an abortion many years ago is still very present in her life today and how she has used her experiences to reach others.

The right to life issue has long been a cause very dear to the heart of both Catholics and Protestants. For years, the pro-life agenda has found the support of conservatives everywhere, and the Christian Music industry is no exception. During this time a long list of recording artists have used their celebrity status as a platform to champion the life of the unborn, offering financial support, counselling, as well as adoption alternatives.

As these artists, along with their industry peers, prepared for the annual Gospel Music Week in Nashville, Tennessee, the subject surfaced again, but this time with an unusual twist - a twist that may create its own controversy.

Although it's quite common for Christian music artists to take a stand against abortion, it is absolutely unheard of for a female Christian artist to admit she had one. That’s the story of Karla Bolaños. The prodigal daughter.

Karla recently shared her heartfelt story along with her first radio single, “Mercy Saw”, to a room full of radio programmers and other industry attendees. She didn't really know what to expect or how well she would be received. It is no doubt a minefield that many would try to avoid. Like the story of the prodigal, although the father may be compassionate, the rest of the family may not be so understanding. But this artist was, and is, prepared to face the consequences for the sake of ministering to young girls and boys alike. Although Karla took one life, she hopes to save thousands more with her story.

Karla Bolaños was a normal pastor’s kid. Then young love sideswiped her like a speeding train. At fifteen, Karla found herself pregnant by an older man. His campaign to end the pregnancy, down to setting up the appointment and paying the fee, was relentless. Her greatest fear was destroying her father’s ministry. Despite her desire to have the baby, mounting pressure and fear tactics left her believing there was only one way out. “I didn’t feel I was worthy to ask for God’s help. I felt like I was on an island…alone and devastated,” says Karla. The decision that followed would haunt her for years. Karla kept her secret hidden for what seemed an eternity. It was like dying a slow death. Then grace stepped in.

When Caleb met Karla at a popular Christian college, it seemed the rest was history. But there was a hitch. Caleb was a vehement pro-life advocate – a fact that surfaced well into the courtship. Karla knew it was time to bring her dark secret into the light.

The fallout literally sent Caleb into the wilderness asking God the big question – “Why?” Together, this young couple grew up in the Lord fast. With Caleb’s support Karla would have the most difficult conversation of her life...having to tell her parents what had happened. Like the story of the prodigal, her father met her with open arms, forgiveness and tears that often express what words cannot say…

Today Karla’s life is filled with happy endings. Her marriage is strong and her parents are her biggest fans. Now, after singing on several albums, Karla is about to release her debut album. “God is a God of grace and forgiveness. That’s why I choose songs that minister to people who need hope…who feel they’ve messed up their lives in some way,” says Karla. Her website, and on it a clip of her album, is at www.karlabolanos.com

Article by Darwin Moody