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Relaxing ~ Time just for you

We all need time to relax, recharge our batteries.  Sometimes it doesn't need you to spend any money, just spend a bit of time.  The key here is - don't just think it, do it!

No-Cost, Low-Cost Relaxing

Change The Scene

Pampering - You Deserve It!


No-Cost, Low-Cost Relax

Write lots of emails to people you really like but don't hear from or see often, and then wait with delicious anticipation for the replies!

Have a chat on messenger with some friends or phone a friend for a chat.

Dig out a favourite childhood book, and then reread it.

Watching rubbishy TV can help you unwind.

Flop on the sofa with a good black and white film.

Rent a video and take the telly and munchies up to bed and slob out in pj's with a facemask on.

Lie on settee, close eyes and listen to a favourite CD.

Have a long, bubbly bath - with candles, and music and a glass of Baileys, ideally - (and someone else to go in and fish out all the kids toys, first!).

Read a book in the bath.

Have a prayer time in the bath.

Sitting reading your Bible in the sunshine is incredibly relaxing or just being with God

Sit in the garden and read a book when the weather is good, with your feet up and a nice cool drink.

Do craft hobbies, cross-stitch, card making, glass painting etc. If you don't already do something like this, start up a new hobby!

Lie in bed in the morning when you don't have to be up, and just look at the shadows on the ceiling.

Do a crossword.

Play computer games.

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Change The Scene

Go for a long brisk walk somewhere scenic and peaceful.

Go round an art gallery or museum all by yourself.

Go for a swim in the evening. Swimming lengths gives you time to think about things without interruptions.

One way to wind down is take a drive. Listening to your favourite music as you go!

 Exercising can be quite relaxing...very strange!

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Pampering - You Deserve It!

A sauna is very relaxing.

Go for a long walk in the early evening and just chew over the day.

Have a facial or manicure.

Go to the hairdresser.

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