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Time for God

Taking time for God can be so uplifting, refreshing and strengthening.

But sometimes it can be hard making time for God.
Sometimes we make it harder for ourselves by following patterns of prayer and quiet times that just cannot fit in with our current lifestyles, even though once they would have.

Sometimes it's just good to try something different.

So here are a selection of methods to spend time with God which may be new to you.  They are divided (very roughly) into several sections with quite a lot of overlaps between them:

At Home

Out and About

Special Times

Time to Pray

Bible Study and Teaching


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At Home

Take a moment.....

Listen to sermon tapes.  You can be ironing, cleaning, cooking, colouring with children or anything really!

Say "Hello God" for a couple of minutes whenever you sit down with a hot drink.

Keep a Bible or devotional notes in the bathroom!

Make a special place

Make a corner in the house your special place where you can draw nearer to God.  You can create corner for quiet pray and arrange pictures, symbols, a prayer and go to that place as "your" prayer corner.  Or you could take the more mundane place, such as the fridge door - and use its notes and stickies to inspire you to pray and remember God promises each time you pass by.

Keep a prayer journal.  Write down in a book your prayers and when I have seen God at work in my life.  Looking back on His blessings is a real encouragement.

Fill a photograph frame with snaps of the special people you want to regularly pray for and put it in a place you pass by regularly.  It acts as both a reminder and a focus when you pray.

Use the Web!

Join an online home group!

Find a website that does a daily bible study or thought for the day that suits you, and make the page your home page, ie. the one that comes up first whenever you open your browser and connect to the internet.

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Out and About


  • As you walk, wherever you are going (even when pushing a pushchair!), take the opportunity to pray about where you are going and your day.
  • Prayer walks - where you just walk and use all the things, places and people as prompts to pray.
  • As you walk with your children to school or wherever, talk about the things God has created or even sing worship songs as you go along.

Praying at the playground, if your children are of an age when you can just watch them play.

Take a reminder

  • If you feel you need reminding of God's prescence carry a stone or something similar in your pocket.  It can act as a reminder to send up a short prayer.
  • Write bible verses on bits of card and carry them round in your back pocket. A verse or short passage that is significant at the time.  You can pull it out and read it, keeping it fresh in your mind, throughout the day.
  • Carry a pocket bible in your bag so if you find yourself waiting somewhere you can read a passage.
  • Carry a regular prayer list of people and issues which you can turn to at free moment during the day and have a moments prayer.

In the car

  • If you normally have music or the radio on in the background  in the car - turn it off and put Christian music or teaching stuff on instead now and then.
  • Praying in the car if the children are quiet (asleep!). 

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Special Times

Find a local place you can go to for a short break when things get too much - for instance take a walk around the nearby park or lake.  Take the time to focus on God and talk to Him.  You will soon associate that place with being assured of God's presence.

Take a bigger block of time, maybe a half or full day, at intervals throughout the year.  Going to the same place each time means that as arrive you already getting into a "talking to God" mood, and you remember all that you've talked about before.  When daily or weekly meetings with God are difficult, having regular times can really help. 

If you enjoy being creative, set aside some time as a special project.  Take a prayer, person or Bible passage and use it as an inspiration to paint a picture, make a collage, or even form a model from anything you find around.  The simplest things can become beautiful and when you look at it in the future, you will see the different aspect and meanings that you were inspired by.  

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Time to Pray

Grab the moment - don't feel you have to commit to a big time of pray, just pray throughout the day in short spurts.

  • in the car as a passenger, while waiting for the children, or while they are asleep
  • as you walk to the shops or from the park
  • when you sit down of an evening, before the TV goes on
  • and if there are no moments to grab - send up an arrow prayer that God will remind you to pray later on!

New ways to pray

Write down your prayers AND answers to prayers.  You can see how an problem has been resolved, how God has worked and it can be a real encouragement. (The Prayer Thread and Answers to Prayer on this site is testimony to this).

Pray a blessing with Christian friends whenever you meet.

If you take some time of quiet to pray, use a candle to focus as you pray.  As you light it ask God to open your heart to hear His will.  As you pray, know your prayers are taken straight up to God in heaven. At the end, blow out the candle, passing over the burdens of your heart to Him.

Wherever you regularly pray, put a bowl of water and a handful of clean pebbles.  For each prayer, hold the stone in your hand, and as you give the prayer to God, drop it into the bowl.  It is out of your hands. 

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Bible Study and Teaching

Take a moment....

  • Write bible verses on a bit of card and carry them round in you back pocket. Use a verse or short passage that is meaningful for that day or week. Read it at times throughout the day, as inspiration and to grasp its true meaning.
  • Listen to a teaching tape or recorded sermon each day - as you wash up, lie in the bath, walk to the shops, cook the dinner.
  • Write out precious verses from the Bible and stick them up in the home.
  • Find a website that does a daily bible study or thought for the day that suits you, and make the page your home page, ie. the one that comes up first whenever you open your browser and connect to the internet.
  • Leave a devotional book on a table near where you regularly stop each day - a coffee table, by the kettle, by the toilet!

Regular Study

  • Follow daily reading books on personally relevant subjects.
  • Use a study aid to "Read the Bible in a Year" or similar.  The challenge is an inspirational one!
  • Do not feel you have to always read something new from the Bible.  Spend several days reading over the same passage, so you get to know it and understand it better.

With the children

  • Read Bible stories to the children - you may be surprised how much you learn!
  • Use Bible story videos as alternative viewing for the children.
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Listening to a worship tape instead of the childrens tapes in the car.

Sing worship songs in the car!

As you journey to school with the children, talk about creation, and the things of God.

Don't sit in silence as you surf the Internet - put a Worship CD in your CD drive!